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Mike Arnold United States

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About me

I love school. I'm very athletic and love sports. I am also very musical. I like to play the guitar and any other instuments I can get my hands on.


I work hard in highschool to maintain good grades, and keep a high GPA. When I'm not doing homework I am playing outside, running, playing football, any physical activity. In my spare time I like to read and play videogames.


Guitar, singing, anything musical.
My favorite type of music is classical rock, and christian rock.

Movies and TV:

Hard core CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds fan. Love the investigative shows with forensic science.


Any sport is my kind of sport. Baseball, football, track, soccer.
Even though I'm not involved with a team I still love to play the sports


I like to draw and paint. I'm ok at it but not the greatest. Still fun anyways.


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